Dogs and Fireworks

How to Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

'Groovy Ball' Dog Treat Dispenser for Large DogsYou may be crazy about fireworks, but your dog will hardly share your feelings. Most probably it will prefer to keep away. If your dog were a wild animal, it would run into a shelter at any light splashes and noise, treating it as a thunderstorm. But even as a home pet a dog behaves likewise for the reasons of its safety, knowing that being outside in thunderstorm is not a great pleasure. Fireworks act the same way as thunderstorm with dogs, but even worse. A dog is frightened with the sounds of the firework launch.

Happiness and laughter

Your reaction to fireworks affects your dog greatly. If you enjoy it and have fun, your dog perceives and takes your mood. If you try to calm it down, it may get even worse: it will make a dog worry but it won't have a shelter to hide in and feel safe.

How to protect a dog from fireworks


If your dog is too afraid of fireworks probably you should show that it is not so scary. For this you may switch on a recording with the fireworks noise while your dog is engaged with some common action. At first do it at a low volume. When you make sure your dog is calm, make it louder. Do this training several days until your dog feels calm with the noise of fireworks. Remember your feelings in a big thunder. Your dog feels the same hearing fireworks.

The help of a veterinarian

If your dog is too excited, take it to a veterinarian. The vet may prescribe a light soothing remedy for a dog to feel calm in the holiday. Usually, it works not at once, thus you should give it to a dog ahead. Try to distract a dog from the fireworks. You may play or give something to chew. Consider our interactive dog chew toys with treats that will keep a dog engaged for hours! They calm down a dog, help to reduce dog anxiety, correct dog's behavior etc.

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A lot of people, but not all of them enjoy fireworks. If your neighbors/friends are not going to watch fireworks (if it is held at some other place, square etc.) you may leave a dog with them and ask to take care of your pet for the time you are out. Your dog will be happy to see familiar faces.
Dogs need a definite place to feel safe and calm. Make sure it is warm and cozy.
Do not forget about other pets. Take your cats, rabbits etc. in the house before the firework starts.

Ask yourself: "Does my dog feel safe?"

Does it have a shelter?
Does it have a safe and cozy place for the time of fireworks? A comfortable box or its home crate will be a great shelter.
Can a dog look outside?
Are the curtains and the windows shut at the room where a dog will be for the time of fireworks? Can you switch on the light to hide the light splashes of the fireworks outside?
Does your dog hear the noise of fireworks?
Switch on the TV or a radio to drown out the noise.