Shepherd Dogs in Their Whole Variety

Shepherd Dogs in Their Whole Variety

From the ancient ages people used dogs as assistants. There are lines of breeds that were bred specially for definite needs. One of these lines are Shepherd Dogs.

This is a general name for a line of dog breeds who have in its basic character the instincts of service and guard. In the historical background people used these dogs as shepherd dogs, as a herdsman assistants. The name "Shepherd" points into sheep, lawns and pastures. By the way, a man pasturing sheep is also called "shepherd".

It is considered that the first Shepherd Dogs appeared several thousands years ago in the vagrant tribes of Asia. They were used to keep off wolves, bears and strangers from a herd. But the idea to improve these animals belongs to the Europeans. They considered that bravery and dexterity is not enough for efficient guard of herd. The inhabitants of this continent decided that a dog-shepherd should differ from predators by color, in the order to prevent accidental shoot by its owner, if he confuses a dog with a wolf. That's why Europeans began to cross shepherd dogs with local dogs. The Romans made a great contribution into the development of Shepherd Dogs. They developed Shepherd Dog's abilities to fight with predatory animals.

Recent multiplicity of Shepherds is so huge, that even not every type of them is specified as a definite breed with its standards. Such dogs have different origin, own specific features and different from others exterior. In addition, different kennel organizations classify these breeds in its own way. For instance, in the catalog of American Kennels there are not included such breeds as Walsh Corgi, Sennenhunds, though their origin in the relation to the specialization is quite shepherd. But there is Cuvacz, that is not considered to be a Shepherd Dog by American kennels.

Devoted Servers

German Shepherd Dog is the most widespread all over the world. It is obvious, as well as it is a perfect service dog, very hard-working and obedient. These dogs are used in police, customs offices for search of drug, explosives and weapons. They are frequently exploited in rescue work and and as a guide dog.

It is known, that the German captain von Shtefanits began to breed this dog type in the end of XIX century. He used for this one of the lines of Collie. Already in 1892 German Shepherd was exhibited in Hanover and after 7 years there was founded the first club of this breed.

By the way, German Shepherd� served as the "material" for breeding of East-European Shepherd - the breed of Russian origin. It is a service dog, fully adjusted for climate conditions of Russia. By its physical characteristics East-Europeans are larger than German Shepherd Dogs. They have more stable psychic, they are less capricious. For the account of all these features this breed was very widespread service dog in the Soviet Union. But even in spite of this the breed is still unacknowledged.

Born Shepherds

But the most important and the first rate task put by Shepherd Dog breeders - is pasture and guard of sheep. The most frequent chance to see these dogs is in steppes, loans and fields. Born shepherd is considered to be the Australian Shepherd, the motherland of which is the USA. Aussie, as they often call this breed, were selected in the result of cross of several Collie types and a Pyrenean Dog. It got the name by the analogy with its ancestors - Bask Shepherd Dogs, that arrived to USA from Austria. Aussie at once won hearts of American cattlemen who used them for sheep and cattle pasturing.

One more 100% shepherd is an Anatolian Karabash Dog, that is considered to be the national heritage of Turkey and they forbid its export. It is a very clever, calm and brave dog, that is not used to show aggression without reason. The breed has undergone great changes since its appearance and now it is very efficient, that is high assessed in USA and Canada.

In the New Zealand the most popular as a shepherd is a New Zealand Shepherd Dog, that is, as we see from its name, is selected at the territory of this very state. This dog was created in XX century. For its selection they used Border Collie. German Shepherd and even Labrador Retriever. In the result they achieved a very laborious, active, and the most important - a dog with a sound voice, that was very high valued, as well as shepherd dogs that were brought in earlier were too silent and did not manage with the sheep pasturing.

Perfect Guards and Defenders

Except of pasturing talent they have been always appreciated German Shepherd Dog's ability to guard and defend a herd. Unfortunately, not every dog manages with this equally well: some lack willful character, some - dexterity and bravery, some -just loud voice. The example of shepherd dog able to protect and guard a herd we may call English Shepherd Dog. It is a very energetic, athletic, dexterous, and very laborious dog. It is selected in the result of cross of ancient Roman dogs with Collie of the old type, Border Collie, Scottish Collie and other shepherd dogs.

One more born guard is an ancient breed Beauseron, the motherland of which is considered to be France. First of all these dogs were used as hunters, but when this type of activity finished to be the first importance task for people, these dogs became to be used generally for pasturing of herd and its guard. Beauserons have spectacular willful and strong character, they are hard-working, strong and very courageous. One can feel safe about its herd with such dog.

And Caucasian Shepherd is used not only for cattle guard, but for home as well. It is an ancient breed, that have been guarding sheep from wolves in the process of many ages and in the result we got a dog with outstanding guard features. And a spectacular guard Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) is acknowledged as a national heritage in its Motherland. It is not surprising, as well as these dogs are distinguished with genuine guard instinct and high hard-working ability.

Shaggy "Beasts"

There are a lot of breeds with cute and even comic appearance among Shepherd Dogs. They are very shaggy and large dogs. For example, the most popular all over the world charming dog is a shaggy dog Bobtail. This is a very calm, kind and clever pet, that, though is not used as a shepherd any more, has not lost this instinct. they say, if such dog meets sheep, at first it licks them with glad and then will pasture them.

But Flandrian Bouvier, though it looks like a toy bear, did not lose its brilliant qualities. For the account of amazing wit, bravery and devotion to the owner, the dogs of these breed are used in search and rescue operations, in guard-defensive and search services, as guide dogs for visually impaired people. In addition, in some states Bouvier is used for coping with aggressive football fans.

And the most original and exotic is a Bergamese Shepherd. This notion is correct because of amazing fur of the dog that resembles long dreadlocks. With so chick appearance this dog does not lead a dandy lifestyle at all. It is also a born shepherd, that is not only attentively pastures its sheep flock, but also is able to find and drive all the lost sheep.

Charming Companions

Among the Shepherd Dogs there are not only active, hard-working Nordic personalities. Quite a lot of them are calm, reasonable animals that though were some time ago shepherds, but already re-qualified into just home pets.

Not large, but resembling a fox, a Shetland Sheepdog has a nice character, cheerful mood and kind heart. Nowadays this dog is appreciated only as a home pet, but it has not always been such. Some time before a Scottish Shepherd was quite a good sheepdog, but because its not large size and delicacy it could not manage with guard task but well lead kept a flock together. Its final exterior Shetland Sheepdog achieved only in the early XX. it is known, that they used Schipperke, Norvegian Buhund, Island Sheepdog, Spitzes and even Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel.

Not less beautiful dog as a friend is Collie or Scottish Shepherd. It is as well as all the others, of course, have been pasturing sheep flocks some time ago. But English Queen Victoria while its journey to Scotland, passing by a herd, saw this wonderful dog. She told her wish to buy Collie and since that time the animal became not only a hard-worker, but also a real royal dog.

As you see, the world of Shepherds is very multiple. Their abilities and talents arise respect of people already for many years, that's why we cannot imagine our life without these courageous and brave companions.