Large Dogs: Dog Daily Care in Summer

How to care for a dog in summer?

Large dogs are favorite pets, members of many families and guards of our safety. As careful dog owners, we pay attention to dog care tips for any season. As well as the natural conditions vary, the rules for dog daily care vary as well. Here we describe some of large dogs summertime care tips.

One of the most important tips for large dogs and any living being in summer is enough hydrating for normal digesting processes, stable temperature and cooling oneself. Refresh large dogs with a large bowl of water at least once a day. It is important to treat a dog with fresh water. Water which was in the sun under straight sunlight does not go. It tends to become stagnant and it is not good for dog health. The bowl should be clean as well. Clean it regularly with a brush and carefully rinse out.

Hot conditions is conductive to fast developing of microorganisms in bowls, plates, and dog bed fabric. In summer it should be cleaned regularly to prevent infections.

Special care is needed for dog fur, especially if your dog is long-haired. Brush your dog with a special comb or brush for its type of fur. A specialist groomer will advice you how to choose the right type of a brush for your dog. Many dog owners tend to have their dogs trimmed for summertime to avoid problems with fur.

Large dogs activity will grow in summertime as well as there are a lot of possibilities to spend your time with a dog outdoors. Do not lose this chance to keep your dog and yourself healthy and active. Of course you got used to usual everyday walking your dog. But why not make this activity more cheerful and diverse if there are so many possibilities to cheer up your dog and yourself, your family and friends. There are many dog games outdoors for you to spend great time together.

But do not forget to care of your dog in heat. Your dog is wearing a full coat in summer as well! Care for it to have enough water to refresh. Take a lightweight bowl with you in a backpack. Make your walking shorter and outdoor games should not take too much time in the sun. It is better to play with your dog outdoors in early morning or in the evening when the sun is not so aggressive and active, as it is at noon.

Dog owners tend to be more out in summertime walking their dogs. If you are one of happy owners of large dogs, you should pay special care of your calm walking and other people and pets safety. Keep your dog on a leash/lead whenever you are walking in a public place. At some places dogs are demanded to be muzzled. You may choose a lightweight leather dog muzzle to carry with yourself for any case. It will not take many place in your bag but will safe you from many troubles and worries. Try to avoid confirmation with other dogs. Even if your dog is well-bred and calm, other dogs may not be. You should also to take into account the fact, that a large dog is stronger and less controlled than a small pet. Although your dog is trained and obedient, its instincts may appear stronger than training and your commands. For these reasons keep your dog on safe distance from other pets. This way you will secure yourself from problems.

We hope these recommendations will help you and you will enjoy summertime with your large dog to the fullest! Also ask your veterinarian about special care for large dogs in summer.