Dog Training Treats

Dog Treats and Dog Training.

Do not feed dogs before taking it to dog training. Full stomack, physical loading and activity are not compatible.

If dig training is planned for morning hours, and a dog had breakfast, but it is not fed at classes as well, you should skip dog feeding in the previous evening.

If you feed a dog once a day, in the evening, you can give light food.

Do not leave food for dog while the whole day. Follow feeding timetable and daily feeding rate.

dog collar with handle

Training Dog Collar with Handle

If a dog takes a couple of treats while training and does not take more:

turn attention to feeding timetable and daily given food rate. You can skip one-two feedings. If it comes to the pinch, you can change the treats into more delicious food for training. Choose pieces to be not too large and not too small.

Dog quickly gets full with large pieces. Small pieces should be kept handfull, to smell enough for a dog.

dog bite training pad

Dog Biting Training Pad with Handles

If a dog eats well at home, but does not want to eat outside:

A dog may not not get used to the outdoors or a new place yet. Feed a dog with its food and from your hands only, just while walking the dog on a leash. Repeat it daily, until a dog gets used to eat from your hands.

If you are feeding a dog with a treat and it hurts you, bites while taking a treat - do not shout at a dog at this moment. A dog may begin to be afraid to take food from your hands in this case. Be patient, and train a dog to get food from your hands in a calm way.

Dog Training Treat Bag Dog Treats Bag

Dog Treats Bags

Dogs may take food from hands and throw it out at once. It may be caused by your shouting when a dog has took something from the ground before.

Pamper and praise your dog each time while feeding from your hands.

Dogs take food more likely, when they are induced to get it, then if you put it right into dog's mouth. For example, when you throw treats or make a dog do some easy obedience acts for getting the treat.