Dog Training Types in Europe and US


European and US Training Types

IPO - international procedure of the service dog trail

IPO Dog TrialIPO (Vielseitigkeitsprufung fur Gebrauchshunde nach International Prufungsordnung) is a three part trial of the service dogs including Tracking, Obedience and Protection approved by FCI. According to the breeding rules, service dogs are allowed to breed only after passing IPO-1. IPO is divided into 3 levels namely I, II and III, and each succeeding level is more difficult than the previous one. These levels include tracking (section A), obedience (section B) and protection (section C). The trial is allowed for the dogs at the age (no exceptions):
  • IPO-1 18 months
  • IPO-2 19 months
  • IPO-3 20 months
  • IPO-FH 20 months
There are IPO World Championship Events and IPO Championship Breed events.

BH (Begleithund) - city dog or companion dog

International obedience standard for any dog breed living in a society. The standard includes general obedience and social adaption. BH procedure includes the most comprehensive dog training methods. The BH exam may be taken in any country unlike general training course. The basic idea of BH is a socially controlled dog. The trial is divided into parts. The first part is taken on the dog ground, the second - in the city. BH obedience standard is similar to IPO obedience but it doesn't include jumping over obstacles and fetching. BH is an obligatory requirement before taking VPG (former SCHUTZHUND). BH is an obligatory requirement to aggressive dog breeds in Germany. Comprehensive dog obedience schools apply international dog training standards because they are socially focused and are aimed to ensure a comfort life of an owner and his dog.
Basic parts of BH standard:
  • Part A. Dog ground test.
  • Motion with leash on
  • Off leash motion
  • Sit out of motion
  • Down with recall
  • Down under distraction
  • Part B. Traffic test.
  • Behaviour towards a group of people
  • Behaviour towards a biker rider
  • Behaviour towards a car
  • Behaviour towards a runner or rollerblader
  • Behaviour towards other dogs
  • Behaviour of a dog left alone and towards other animals
VPG (Vielseitigkeits Pruefung fuer Gebrauchshunde) former SCHUTZHUND

German national training system. This training type appeared in Germany in 1900 as a test of the German Shepherd service qualities. It became a sport in the middle of the XXnd century.
VPG training is aimed for all dog breeds. However, it is typically applied to the German Shepherd. VPG is divided into three complexity levels: VPG 1, VPG 2, VPG 3. All three levels include tracking, obedience and protection. The levels differ by complexity and commands.


the World RingMondioring means the World Ring. This is a combination of the French Ring, Belgian Ring, KNVP (Netherland sport) and Schutzhund. This type of canine sport is popular in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Finland - almost in all European countries. The idea of Mondioring was conceived during the meeting of several amateur trainers. It was during the French Ring at the beginning of 1980s in one of the restaurants of Metz. At that first meeting, there were representatives from neighboring countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Germany. There was taken a decision to hold an international show competition to exchange experience and present national programs. In 1990 Mondioring was officially recognized as a discipline in France and in 1995 by International Cynological ,Federation (FCI).
Mondioring founders tried to combine the best world protection practice. Due to the variety of distracting factors and situations created for the dogs to show their skills, Mondioring is interesting for both spectators and participants. Dogs have to show high quality skills that can be achieved only after long training with great inherited abilities. Mondioring is not obligatory before breeding.
Mondioring includes three complexity levels. There are the Belgian Shepherd World Championship including all three complexity levels and the World Cup and Grand-Prix open to all breeds. The cup of the World is hand out after the third most difficult level. Every level includes three parts like obedience, jumping and protection. The number of exercises and duration of the show rise with each level. For example, duration of the first level is only 15 minutes, and the third level may last up to 45 minutes. All tests are done without breaks. The most spectacular part is protection including flee attack, defense of handler, stopped flee attack, face attack with accessories, search and escort, guarding an object.
General dog training. Obedience is an alternative to the international obedience rules adopted by FCI. This is an analogue to general dog training on an international scale.
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