How to Teach Your Dog to Play Tug of War

Canine Bite Training with Professional Tugs


French Linen Dog Bite Tug with HandleThe use of bite tug is a very important part of dog's workout. Many people think that they are used only for puppies training. This is not true. Short bite tugs are a useful tools for proper grab and bites training, so they are used throughout dog's life.

Tennis balls are very hard for dog's teeth. While tugs made of French linen or natural jute are a much better alternative. They are also much better than hard rubber balls. You should be aware that it can happen that a ball accidentally falls into the head of a young dog, then it loses any desire to work again. And if the same dog is hit with a soft tug, in most cases, it will not interfere with the work.

Bite Training Tug for Prey DriveBiting tugs for dog training in our store are made of the best available materials - strong French linen, thick genuine leather, eco-friendly tear-proof jute. Our specialists recommend dog bite training equipment made of synthetic fabric as soon as they are considered to be the most durable in use, they do not injure or stitch dog's teeth.

We offer high quality certified gears of different length and diameter. And choosing of the right size depends on the task and training technique that you use.

Training of biting skill with an adult dog always begins with the smallest tug equipped with one or two handles. Due to its small size, these training gears give freedom and speed of movement. The most efficient work is with a small tug when you move it around your legs and body at a speed so that the dog can not catch up with it. Moving a biting tug with short and rapid jerks you force a dog to stir quickly to be able to catch it. When the dog misses the toy, it becomes more excited, and the excitation induces its activity. Using longer tugs for bite training does not work as dogs are too fast. It's easy enough for them to grab its second handle.

Soccer Ball Dog Biting Tug with HandlesLong biting toys are used only for puppies. We offer you several different sizes. For very young puppies (8 weeks) it is better to use long tugs of smaller diameter so that it's completely grasped by the dog's jaws. And when the puppy is about 6 months old (its mouth is bigger), the size of a training supply can be increased.

Choose professional dog bite training supplies for your four-legged trainee: Stitched Jute Bite Tugs, Bite Builder Training Tools, French Linen Biting Toys for retrieving skills development, Genuine Leather Bite Tugs for prey drive training, Long and Short Fire Hose Dog Tug Toys. Also we are glad to present you Extra Hard Bite Sleeves for police and K9 dogs training.