Does My Dog Need a Coat in Winter?

Do Dogs Need Jackets?

warm and waterproof dog coatDo you wonder, "does my dog need a coat in cold weather"? All dogs need walking daily and cold weather is not the reason to stay at home, but it is the reason of worries for caring dog owners whether their pets need some apparel in winter. Naturally, dogs as any animals do not need clothes. But in many cases dogs live not in their natural climate. For example, dog breeds used to live in warm climate may live in areas with low seasonal temperatures. Thus, it depends. So, let's review the cases when a dog needs apparel based on its size, breed, and the temperature outside.

1. Dog Size

Small dog breeds are not so good with a stable dog body temperature outside when it is cold. Especially if a dog is short haired or originate from a warm climate zone.

2. Dog Origin

If you have a dog breed that originates from warm climate it most probably needs a coat in winter.
3. Dog Fur Length
Warm Dog Coat on AmstaffUsually short haired dogs take low temperatures harder than long-haired ones. Long-haired dogs usually originate from cold climate areas and do not require additional clothes in cold weather. For example, Siberian Husky, Chow Chow, Caucasian Shepherd, Tibetan Mastiff etc. Still you may need a light coat to protect your dog from wet or when you are going to stay outside for a long time.
4. The Temperature and Time of Being Outside
Usually dogs stand temperature higher 45 degrees without clothing and if the time is no longer 10 min.
Do Not Wear Dog Coats Inside
Dog coats are intended to keep dog body warmth in low temperature. If you wear it inside your dog may overheat quickly. Take off a dog coat at once it is not required or you came inside. This way you will avoid dog skin irritation, overheating, and chafing.

Warm Dog Vest Harness UK for Cold Days or Invalid Dogs Warm Waterproof Dog Coat-Jacket for Small and Big Dogs

We recommend dog coats designed to let your dog move active without restriction of its moves, that keeps healthy dog body warms but still the allows air circulation. It will protect your dog from wet and cold, so think about it in autumn and winter and enjoy dog walking in any weather!