How to Stop Dog Barking?

How to Stop Dog from Barking


Why do dogs bark?

Some safe means to stop dog barking

Boxer Dog Muzzle to Stop Dog BarkingDog barking is a natural activity for domestic dogs. But often it appears to be the reason of irritation for dog owners and everyone who hears it any time of day and night. A barking dog may become the reason of conflicts with neighbors. That's why there is a question: how to stop dog barking? First of all we are to understand dog behavior in various conditions that usually provoke loud barking of any dog breed.

In fact dog barking is just a means of dog communication with other dogs and a dog owner. It is not bad until it becomes too much. It is impossible to endure constant dog barking at night even of a very dear dog. To stop this undesired dog behavior we are to understand the reason.

Why do dogs bark? The reasons for dog barking.

Alaskan Malamute Dog Muzzle to Stop BarkingThere are several main reasons that make dogs worried or trying to attract attention by barking. Here are several of them:

1. Game - a dog feels joy and expresses emotions by barking.

2. Fear - happens mostly when dog stays alone or in a closed, very narrow space.

3. Anxiety - strange sounds may provoke fear and your pet will express it by loud barking.

4. Boredom - a dog as well as a human may be just bored. If a person may find some activity itself, a dog has not much choice. It may start chewing your furniture and things or start loud barking.

German Shepherd Dog MuzzleWhen you understand the possible reason of dog anxiety you can start dog training to stop barking. It is enough just to avoid the irritating circumstances. Of course, you will not stop dog barking at all, but mostly eliminating of irritants helps a lot to improve the situation.

There are several means to stop dog barking by yourself. First of all it is dog training, where a dog is made to understand that barking is not the best way to express its mood. Dog training helps a dog to control its emotions and feelings. Second means is medical aids that are used for dog calming. These are herbal extracts and pills. Calming means also include dog collars that prevent dog barking. But such collars may cause dog aggression to an owner and other people.

Rotweier Dog Muzzle for BarkingSafe means to stop dog barking

Often dog owners make mistakes in dog training that are very difficult to correct. First recommendation of experienced dog trainers is NOT to praise a dog for its joy and barking when a dog is meeting you. It is the main reason for a dog to start barking each time you appear in his sight area. Dogs are very sensitive for praising. When you praise a dog he feels that the owner likes his actions.

One more idle way of dog training is shouting at a dog. It does not work for a dog. On the contrary, this dog owner action provokes a dog to bark even louder.

Here are some effective means that will help to stop dog barking in various conditions.

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1) Train a dog to come up to you at the command "Come!" or "Heel!" Train your dog to perform it perfectly. It is achieved by praising a dog for the right and quick obedience of the command. Treat is a good means to motivate a dog. Call a dog to come up each time a dog starts barking. Do not make it loud. This way you will distract him and he will stop barking for some time. If a dog does not come, let him know that you are dissatisfied with his behavior. Often a dog feels his fault when a dog owner dispraises him and a dog understands that his behavior is unacceptable. After some time a dog feels the difference in his actions and consequences: command obeyed - gets a treat and praise, disobeyed - he is dispraised.

2) One of the easiest ways to prevent barking of a dog and calm him down is touching his ears. To calm down an anxious dog it is enough to press slightly his ear by thumb and forefinger. You may just caress his ears. Do these actions at the moments when a dog is absolutely calm and if a dog reacts to it positive, repeat it when a dog starts barking.

3) Try to use food supplements based on herbs and melanin that act calming for a dog. Usually they contain camomile, valerian and other herbs. Melanin is known for his ability to depress dog sexual function. These means are produced in the form of pills and oral drops. This means is good also for Shepherds and large dog breeds. It will suit for dog owners who have no much time for training.

4) If a dog is not easy trained, you may use special dog collars with calming means. These dog collars may also stop dog whining. Unlike shocking dog collars, they dog not cause fear and aggression towards owner and the surrounding people.

5) Avoid situations, that cause dog barking. For example, may pets react for sharp noise of a doorbell. Switch it off or make the sound lower at your doorbell and phone. If a dog is barking when you unleash him, make it more seldom. You are to watch your dog behavior to understand the reasons and avoid them.

Any mean for stop dog barking requires your action. Any means is impossible without a dog owner. That's why be patient and assured. As soon as your dog feels your weakness, all efforts will become useless and you will have to start from the very beginning.

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Remember, dog barking is also a way of communication. Dogs are sociable beings and wish to communicate. That's why do not take drastic means to stop dog barking and just correct dog behavior and his living conditions.

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