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dog training tipsMany dog owners would like to broaden their pet's potential and possibilities. Of course, you can turn to cynologist, in this case puppy training will be more effective. But you can also try to teach a dog new commands by yourself. We will remind you of some simple rules, which will help any dog owner in dog training.

Rule №.1.Don't let your dog do what you once forbade your pet to do. For example, you forbade a dog to chew shoes, but when you had a guest whom you dislike, you let your dog chew his boots. This method can confuse a dog and next time it will chew your own shoes.

Rule №2. While training a new command, you should pay attention that a dog surely does what you demand from it. For example, you give a command to sit, but the command isn't performed. In this case do not move to another command. You should try to make your dog perform the previous one. A positive result should be rewarded with something delicious.

Rule №3. When you continue training a new command, it's better not to change training methods. For example, a dog can get up on its hind legs using a chair as a support, but you want it to do the same without a chair. You should make changes in methods gradually, because such experiments may lead to complete forgetting of the command if a dog hasn't learnt it properly.

dog training adviceRule №4. It's important to have mutual understanding with your dog. To achieve it, you should spend much time walking and playing with your pet, praising it for progress in training. This will help in training a lot.

Rule №5. Do not deceive your dog and do not leave it alone for a long time. A dog should feel close to its owner and trust him.

Rule №6. Remember, that correct accomplishment of the command depends on you, not on your dog. If you don't explain and show it well, you will not have a positive result.

Rule №7. The important training rule is to care about your dog. Every dog needs care and understanding, especially during long-time training.

Rule №8. It's necessary always to control a dog. Your dog will probably behave improperly in different situations, so owner should keep all situations under control, displaying vigilance and attention.

Rule №9. See your dog's potential in proper perspective. Do not try to get out of your pet more, than beyond its power.

Rule №10. Last but not least, try not to lose your dog's respect and trust. Do not work off your bad temper on a dog and don't shout at it. Or else all your efforts will be in vain.

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