IGP Dog Training Equipment

ForDogTrainers provides:

  • certified gear for professional dog training used and recommended by professional dog trainers all over the world;
  • sponsorship and wholesale prices from the producer directly for the WUSV, IGP trials and dog training clubs, police;
  • Prompt shipping world-wide!;
  • constant discounts and special offers for our loyal customers.

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You are welcome to buy also Bite Dog Sleeves, and Jute Bite Dog Tugs for dog training.

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WUSV History

WUSV foundation, development before and nowadays.

View the results and news from the largest dog world competition WUSV in the latest years:

WUSV 2013 in Philadelphia

WUSV World Championship 2012

WUSV 2011 World Championship

FCI IPO WM 2011 Rheine Germany

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