WUSV 2011 World Championship

Fordogtrainers is the official sponsor of training and equipment at the World Championship WUSV-2011

The Fordogtrainers company came as the official sponsor of the World Championship WUSV-2011. The best world dogs struggled for the honorable title of the Champion at the World Championship WUSV-2011. All the Championship tests were held with the equipment made by our company according to the highest standards and in the compliance with WUSV requests.

Training stock and equipment of the World Championship WUSV-2011: protective sleeves for dogs, shelters and protective suits for helpers, Schutzhund Dumbbells - 2 kg, 650 g; equipment items for trace work - wood, felt, leather, stacks for work of persons involved, signal flags for start of trace work, 1 m fence (WUSV standard), double-slope fence (WUSV standard).

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