Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Newfoundland | Newfoundland Muzzle

I have recently purchased a number of muzzles for our Newfounfland called Harry, who suffers from a chronic skin condition. He regularly had to wear a dog cone to prevent him licking and chewing at an itch which in turn makes it difficult to walk about the house or drink. This dog muzzle has been a revelation compared to all those i used before some far more expensive and I'll fitting too. The design sits perfectly around his mouth, it's pretty light and the range of options to ensure a perfect fit is great. We can now leave him on his own for periods of time knowing he can wander around in comfort and can easily drink with this on. It's unfortunate that we have to use any muzzle when he is alone at times but I could not recommend this muzzle more highly. Make sure you measure correctly I did think about adding extra to my measurements but don't the muzzle has plenty of room and as mentioned earlier it has a range of straps to ensure a close comfortable fit. I would also recommend the quick release buckle.

Steven Barre, 09/11/2018
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