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New Red Adjustable Dumbbells for Dog Training Agility


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Dog Training Dumbbells with Adjustable Plates of Plastic, 1 kg (2.2. lb)

Dog dumbbell is made according to the international standards for Schutzhund sports. Dog dumbbell is used for games, training of fetching elements and to prepare a dog for trials. While training with a dumbbell a dog gets sufficient physical loading, including all muscles and senses. It makes positive influence at physical shape and general development of your four legged friend. The shape of dumbbell makes it comfortable for a dog to pick it up from ground and carry in jaws. Safe polished wooden handle would not hurt dog mouth and teeth.

Dog dumbbell consists of a durable handle, made of dried wood and plastic disks. All the materials used for this dumbbell are ecologically clean and absolutely safe for dog health.

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Schutzhund Training Dog Dumbbell

Schutzhund Training Dog Dumbbell

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Adjustable Dumbbells for Schutzhund

Adjustable Dumbbells with Bright Red Plastic Plates

Key features of the new Dog Dumbbell:

  • Adjustable plastic plates
  • Super strong for bending
  • Dried wood, smooth polished
  • Easy and comfortable to grip
  • Comfortable dimensions
  • Respond to international standards
  • International Quality Certificate

Intended use:

  • Dog agility training
  • Schutzhund training
  • Schutzhund sports
  • Dog games
  • Basic dog training
  • For medium and big dogs
  • For young and adult dogs


  • Weight - 1 kg (2.2 lb)


  • Wood
  • Plastic

These new adjustable dumbbells of new bright design are produced in other colors. You may combine the plates to make them look brighter. View them all at our collection of dog training tools.

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Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Training

Bright Dog Training Equipment for Professional Dog Training

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