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Guide Dog is a devoted friend for visually impaired people

Guide dogs are dogs that are specially trained to help blind and visually impaired people to walk and pass obstacles. With this intentions dogs have been serving people for hundreds of years. They are mentioned even in the English alphabet for children, that is known since XVI century: �B was a Blind-man/Led by a dog�.

The first dog guide training schools were founded in Germany in the time of the World War I with the intention to increase mobility of veterans, who lost their sight in the result of military actions. In 1929 there was founded the first guide dog training school in the USA (Nashville, Tennessee, Morristown since 1931, New Jersey). In Great Britain such schools were founded in 1931. There is the International Federation of Guide Dog Schools in the United Kingdom. You may read more information about assistant dogs at the official web site of the Assistance Dog International organization.

As guide dogs, there are usually used Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Labradors, but dogs of other breed training with this intention is also possible.
In many countries guide dogs presence at public places like public transport and other public facilities is not limited.
Find the Guide Dog office local to you and be in touch with the events in the Assistant Dogs world.

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