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Dark Brown Leather Dog Collar with Studs Elegant Dandy Artisan

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Elegant Dandy Dog Collar Studded with Plates and Cones by New FDT Artisan Collection

Choose the best quality dog accessories for your dogs. We propose a new collection of handmade dog collars of premium quality leather and hardware. These simple, quality and stylish tools will become your favorite tools in the collection of your doggy.

Dark brown leather dog collar with studs looks noble and elegant dog dog's neck. 1.5 in wide leather in comfortable and strong for a big dog with tick neck as well as for medium-sized dog breeds. The trasidional belt buckle and solid D ring are reliable to hold a strong dog on a leash in walking, public etc.

The elegant plates and cones look shiny with chrome-plated surface and they are carefully fastened by inner rivets.

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Dark Brown Leather Dog Collar with Studs

Studded Dog Collar of Black Leather with Cones and Plates

Traditional buckle dog collar is a reliable and easy tool to walk a dog on a leash. 5 points for buckle adjusting allow you to regulate its size when needed.

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Studded Dog Collar with Buckle

Choose a Strong Dog Collar with a Belt Buckle and a D Ring

This "elegant dandy" dog collar is carefully packed in a nice box. It will preserve a perfect look while shipping and is a great gift for dog owners.

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Designer Dog Collars UK

Special Gift for a Pampered Pet

What is dog collar made of:

  • Thick, soft and strong leather
  • Rustproof chrome-plated hardware
  • Fixed by safe rivets
  • Classic buckle
  • Solid D ring
  • Handmade
  • Comes in a brand box FDT Artisan with a quality seal

Studded dog collar purpose:

  • Middle and big dogs
  • To control a strong dog
  • Dog walking
  • Dog show
  • As a gift

Dog collar's dimensions:

  • 1.6 in (4 cm) wide
  • Weight: app. 0.4 - 1.3 lb (185-585 g)


  • Brown

This thick and strong leather dog collar with studs and buckle will fit for dogs of medium and big breeds like American and English Bulldogs, Shepherd dog breeds, Staffordshire Terriers, Mastiff breeds, Boxer dogs etc.

Check how this designer dog collar looks on Belgian Malinois and English Bull Terrier

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Chocolate Brown Dog Collar for Belgian Malinois UK

Elegant Dog Collar with Studs on Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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English Bull Terrier Dog Collar with Studs

Noble Brown Leather Dog Collar on English Bull Terrier

How to choose dog collar size:

Dog Collar Size

Dog collars with buckle have the following features:
  • What is my dog collar size? - Write the exact neck size (circumference) of your dog without any additions. Our craftsmen will choose the best dog collar size according to the neck circumference stated in your order.
  • How should dog collar fit? - There are 5 points for adjusting a buckle. The ordered collar will fit stated neck size at the central hole (C). The other 4 holes, 2 by each side, are intended to regulate collar size if your dog grows (D, E) or gains/loses (A, B) weight.
  • What size dog collar for puppy? - If your dog is still growing, please, write us the age, breed and sex of your dog.