9-10 July 2018 15 OFF Bestseller Dog Harness + FREE Dog Leash

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STOP YOUR DOG PULLING! You will not regret, as well as many our pleased customers, who have forgotten the problem of dog pulling and disobedience in walking with this nylon harness. Read their testimonials:

"Thank you so much for this amazing non-pull harness! It's AMAZING!!! Missy has had surgery for luxating patella & has been crate bound for a while therefore started pulling like mad on a walk & not using her leg properly! Only had this harness a couple of days & she no longer pulls & uses her bad leg properly so we can now build up her muscle!! Thank you xxx. Jessica"

"Ordered this harness with much scepticism as have tried all sorts of collars, haltie's and harness for my male 4 year old pull your arm out of socket hyper Huskie, when it arrived we tried it out straight away on a walk , I'm not lying when I say it was like a new dog walking with us, he just walked nicely beside us with no pulling and biting the lead. Enjoyed the walk so much, well worth purchasing and I'm now in the process of buying another one for our 2 year old female huskie. Katrina"

"This is the best harness I have ever had and would never dream of buying anything else for my dogs. Again many thanks. Tina." (Read more reviews)

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